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Alexandra Mil



I found and became

friends with Amanda in

2019 through my own

spiritual journey. I look

back through my

growth of realizations,


New understandings

and leveling up of

consciousness and I can't imagine being where I am at this moment without her help. Hour long  conversations working through pains in the past and issues in the present have helped me ease past traumas, not to mention our past life conversations and the wording of ceremonies I have performed with her amazing help. Amanda is a very talented, unjudging, caring and compassionate person that helps even when she herself needs help. 

 She's a straight shooter of truth which is what we all need more of & need more people like her. 

 I consider her my friend. She is an amazing lady which I have absolute trust in. She's extremely talented and deserves a great deal more kudos than I could  give her here. She's definately on your side. 

 Trust her. I do. 

      I had the pleasure of first getting to know MandaLynn through a great friend. From the moment I met her, she welcomed me with "virtual" open arms. I instantly felt connected and accepted. It was an acceptance I hadn't felt before.

     I thoroughly enjoyed my 60 min online reading with her. She offered guidance and insight that I wouldn't have had without her. To top it off, MandaLynn provided me with a recording of the session. How cool is that?! I'm so thankful to have this recording to go back to, watch, and take notes over and over again. I'm forever grateful for out connection. She is truly a kind soul with an abundance of spiritual insight. MandaLynn, I appreciate you being one of my  guides along my spiritual journey! Thanks for all you do for humanity!

With love and light,

Ann from Puerto Rico and Minnesota

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