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QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique):


This technique was perfected by Delores Cannon over a 40 year period. It is a method where I facilitate communication between you and your subconscious. Subconscious is the part of you that is still aware and connected to the All. The part of you that knows all there is to know about you and has your best interest at heart. Do you wonder about past lives? This is a tool to access that information. Are you wondering about a physical ailment? You can ask for information and healing during a session. You are provided with an audio recording of the session that you can listen to. Every time you listen you are receiving more healing and high vibration energy. This can only be done in person.


A QHHT session is a very revealing and sacred experience. I will discuss the method when you schedule the session. Basically, you will have a list of ailments, medications, and questions when we meet for the session. We will then have a very in-depth interview, I basically get your life story and you get a chance to feel at ease and free to trust me. This will last for 2 hours or more. After that I help you to reach a state where you can connect with your Subconcsious/Soul. You may experience past lives, moments in the present life, or a completely different realm. Then we will ask your Subconscious to answer your questions and address anything else. You will then be returned to your waking state of awareness and we will discuss the experience. The after-effects leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and in a peaceful state. This is a gentle process of complete, unconditional love.


Quantum Healing/Repair:


There is much more to our existence than the physical world we live in. If a person dies how do they determine that the person is deceased? The absence of an energetic frequency determines the person has passed. So, where does that energy go? For that matter, where did it come from? Everything is energy and frequency. When one starts to understand how these energies behave and how they interact, you see the ability to utilize and work with these energies to achieve a desired outcome or healing. You don’t necessarily have to be present physically for this process.


There are different methods of quantum healing/repair. The variables of the issue at hand and the client’s energetic state help to determine the process. Another method is establishing my connection with higher dimensions and energies. If you are looking for healing or direction the answers are there. When you are ready and comfortable I reach into your energy and kind of take your hand. For some, this method is a step to them experiencing their presence in higher dimensions. Sometimes a healing/repair session will involve the energies of other dimensions with which I work. For example, the Archangel realm or other off-world beings may be involved. It may be an issue that brings in Ancestral energies. The experience necessary for the breakthrough or progress is what will occur.


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Energy Awareness and Management:


This is a process of becoming familiar with personal energies and how they function. Then you may become aware of your energetic condition, detecting cycles or blocks and developing a strategy for repairing your quantum structure. Perhaps Shadow Work is calling to you. Maybe you need to find your best way to meditate.

Is there an area of growth or expansion about to occur? Sometimes a little help and different perspective go a long way here. This may involve helping you get on your path to understanding energy fields, chakras, merkabas. It doesn’t mean you have to know it all, your intuition will lead you to what you need. And you will learn to sense and trust your intuition. It can be overwhelming when you start searching for answers and feel like you need a metaphysical degree to begin your expansion. Whether intuitively or based on my own experience, I can help you discover the direction to find your answers.


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Extra-Dimensional Reading:


I have access to messages from other realms. Because I have done so much repair and refinement I am able to reach higher dimensional energies. Information only comes through if appropriate.

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