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The Peace Dealer

The Peace Dealer is a good resource to help understand the effect the astrological transits will have on the collective and the individual. He has a fun, interactive style that is backed up completely by his knowledge and true gifts. He embodies the Archangel Michael energy and brings that force into his work. I learned a lot from the live ceremonies and transit talks. He refers to his followers as the "Billion Dollar Vibe Tribe" which speaks to the high vibrational frequency present in this community.

You can find him on YouTube:


Rock in Sand
Pam Gregory
Pam Gregory has an extensive knowledge of astrology. I was intrigued by her knowledge of the lunar nodes. She takes it a step farther in the explanations to help understand how it all works together. She has a very exciting yet calming energy that keeps you engaged. She is truly excited to help others understand their own astrology. Her extensive experience shines when she presents her readings.  She also has many resources available to help you.
You can find her on

Bree is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

Bree is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.


Kenneth Soares

Kenneth appeared to me during a time when I was searching  for answers. I had finally embraced the desire to turn the search inward. The affirmations and meditations bring the feeling of safety and love during the process. And the empowerment I felt was liberating. The feeling of connection and unconditional love is present in his work. He is a healer of extremely high frequency. 

He is on YouTube, Insighttimer App, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.


A good place to start is his YouTube channel:

Steve Nobel

Steve Nobel has meditations and activations that help with your ascension process. There have been times that I felt energies and couldn't quite put my finger on the source. I would run across a post from him that  included a meditation/activation based on a quantum energy entering our field. Be ready to take the time and focus. He is very thorough and walks you through the steps as you prepare your body and consciousness to receive the activation, healing. This is a wonderful tool to help you achieve that breakthrough that helps advance you to the next level.


You can find him on

Or visit his web page:

Energy Efficiency Consultation




Joyful LIfe is the creation of Joyce Mason. She has spent a lot of time exploring different tools to assist in healing and maintain your physical and energetic wellness.  She is very knowledgeable and genuinely excited to share her knowledge and experience to help you transform your life into a joyful experience.  In addition to the essential oils and handmade soaps, she has a penchant for technology. The biofield imaging is nothing short of amazing.  My personal favorite service is her Reiki. She is a being of love and light and pure intent. This all comes through in a healing session.  Do yourself a favor and reach out. If you aren't sure what you are looking for send a message and she will help find what is right for you.

Her website is:

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