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Full Moon Fever

This full moon in Sagittarius is truly a historic event. It is accompanied by a lunar eclipse in the vicinity of a galactic anomaly known as the Great Attractor. It is huge and moves very fast engulfing things around it. The gravity is so strong it bends light. It is still a mystery and can draw you in. Some believe that the primordial energy of Creation is here. It's connected to precognition, knowing future possibilities. And knowing that there has never been an eclipse at this degree before amplifies the the uniqueness of this event.

Now, look around our world. It looks like destruction, chaos. There is outrage, upheaval, despair...GRIEF. It seems that the world and humanity has finally cracked completely open, spilling the energies that have fueled humanity for as long as we can remember. It is flowing in the blood on the streets. It permeates the air in the smoke from the flames of lives being incinerated. It's in the raging water of floods taking anything in it's path. It's in the cries for justice that echo from every corner of our Dear Gaia. It is painful and exhausting to feel the crescendo of energy that brings us to our knees.

This is why it is so important and beneficial to know your higher self. To have that aspect of yourself that can rise above the emotion and low frequency that swirls around us like a whirlwind threatening to draw us in and engulf us. Everything is so unsure around us. There is so much confusion and deception we don't know what to trust as real. Your higher self can look at the big picture, detached from the immediate emotion. This guidance is the intuition that leads you in the best direction. But you MUST be tuned into it.

What we are really seeing is humanity and our Earth exhausting the energies that have brought us to this point. This energy has been used to manifest our experiences. The current events are like a child's tantrum. We just have to wait for it to wear itself out. And, yes, it will be uncomfortable! Your trust in the process will get you through. The Great Attractor, an energy bank to store energy from experiences and provide energy for manifestation. New eclipse degree, new energy. We will receive the new energy to manifest our experience. I know of a shaman and a tarot reader that are experiencing an interruption in their "sight". And have heard of others with this. That's because it hasn't been created as a thought to manifest in the physical yet. We are just getting the energy now.

Take heed of astrology; explore and see how it can help you to understand your experience. Put your attention on new possibilities. We can't keep on in the same energies and expect a different experience. Now is the time to dream the impossible dream. To create an experience of the purest intent, highest good, and in Right Relation with ALL. Trust your intuition, stay in a frequency of love and gratitude. And remember, there are many here ready to help...reach out!

Check out my YouTube video: Full Moon in Sagittarius

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