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Don't Miss the Details

Today is a beautiful day. The weather is extremely agreeable. More so, I learned a valuable

lesson today. That's what makes this day unique; The Lesson. And The Lesson is an appropriate introduction for my first blog. The one who is no longer learning is one without a purpose. Let me share the story.

The world around us is in chaos. The astrological energies support this . To those who are here to help heal humanity, there is a fine line. We are seeing the extreme polarities of many things. (Anger vs Love, Hate vs Compassion, Faith vs Control) Our instinct is to help, to fix it, to heal it. Sometimes that creates another or bigger issue. More pain, anger, doubt. Today I saw my dear friend in so much pain. A companion in infinity is suffering. This is not good.

So, knowing that this person also has Divine Cosmic awareness, I try to pull her out of the immediate to view the big picture from above. That was not the best approach. I helped to create more frustration and suffering. You see, this person deals with the collective; processing and projecting energies. It's quite rattling to realize she is losing faith! She is one of the most generous beings ever and also one of the most burdened.

So, here is my friend in excruciating pain and I am not helping at all. We disconnect for a bit. We reconnect and I acknowledge that I misunderstood the need. Even though we are perfecting, refining, ascending to that harmonious state, we are still involved in the human experience. We can lift ourselves above to see the whole picture but we are still playing a role within it. My purpose is to help balance through healing, repairing, informing. My friend is a processor/projector for the collective, humanity. Of course she feels the fear, doubt, despair! Those are collective emotional energies. The frustration is of two sources: that of the collective and feeling it even through all of the self repair that has been done. I'm so busy seeing The Process, I missed the call for strength and reassurance. (The gnat's ass detail that was right in front of me.)

I expressed my apology - it was warranted. Encouragement, Love...and Loyalty. "I WILL hear your call. I will share the burden." She just doesn't usually ask for help.

So what is the lesson here? No matter how much you have grown and learned, there is always another lesson waiting. While we go through these harsh times, have confidence that it will work out. Yet, always be careful not to become complacent and miss an opportunity to participate on the intimate, fine detail level. This is a human experience so we must validate the humanity occurring within it.

To my Friend - Thank You! You've brought much more detail and awareness by going through this suffering. Gratitude for what you are fulfilling for The Process. Respect, for choosing it at all. As I look down I see the distortion of what longs to be a beautiful experience for humanity. And looking through the clouds and smoke I see a beautiful glow that is the

Beacon of Hope. I'll be close by to help clean the lens when needed.


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