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Hi! I’m MandaLynn. I am excited to be able to share some wonderful and exciting times with you all. I know sometimes this Journey can seem very hard. I’ve been through many experiences that left me in a state of despair. I wondered why these things kept happening to me. In 2016 my husband was killed in a car wreck. Six days later I lost my home, my horses. Less than two months later my big brother died unexpectedly. That was it. I begged God to let me sleep at night and then not to make me wake up.


The therapist I had found was very good at helping me isolate my traumas but they were just revealed not resolved. I was adamant about not taking medications, I wanted to heal not numb the pain. After more than a year of this I felt something shift. God hadn’t granted my wish, so I had to figure out why. I didn’t know how to exist anymore. The material losses were hard enough but the loss of my Beloved Eddie and Big Bro and my horses and home really destroyed me. So what had I done so wrong to deserve this? 


This was the question that started the search for true answers. I learned to look at things from a different perspective, one of detachment and analytical nature. I soon started to see a bigger picture. I saw things in my past that trapped me in a victim mentality. I had relinquished my energy to an experience. Through my quest for solutions I stumbled onto information that kept making sense. I soon started to experience synchronicities and psychic phenomena. As a child I remember seeing shapes move around me. I used to socialize with nature. My best friend was a willow tree. That was not acceptable. I was forced to rationalize that I was imagining things. But now, the familiar feeling told me that it was time to dig these memories and ideas back out. At the very least it was a distraction from the traumas and sadness that kept finding me.


As I learned more about who I truly am and what I am capable of, I started realizing that I was receiving information and instruction to bring me back to my true nature; a being of love and light. I just want people to enjoy each other and stop inflicting torment on themselves and those around them. Each one of us has our Shadow to deal with. Each one of us also has a higher, greater aspect of ourselves. Through this part of ourselves we can find answers and healing. I didn’t really believe I was able to help someone heal themselves at first. But I saw the proof in the diagnostics tests and the doctors who were planning a surgery to correct my friend’s congenital heart condition. This is not something I wanted to waste and I started studying and learning to develop and perfect this gift.


Studying QHHT with Julia Cannon was a huge catalyst in my own healing. It gave me a tool to confirm many thoughts and ideas. And to confirm past life experiences that explained so much of my current life experiences. So, many ask, ”How does it work?” I have been able to increase my frequency and vibration to the point where presence with higher dimensional energies is possible. As children most of us were taught to abandon the imagination that connects us to the other states of existence. Then life heaped layers of fear, loss, pain and separation on us. Going through the process of acknowledging and repairing so many of these things has brought me close to the pure essence of my true soul and the energies that embody it. That has allowed me to establish collaboration with quantum energies.


I have known so much hurt and loss. I found answers at a time when I just wanted to be done. I see many who are frustrated and want to give up. You don't have to. There is knowledge, support, and unconditional love available to help you navigate the cycles of your life, the journey back to realization of your true self, and the seemingly chaotic and hopeless world many see. You have more control over your experiences than you realize. I would love to help you explore, understand and repair those energies that compose the True Essence of YOU.

Eddie and Chewy.jpg

Eddie and Chewy

Goofing around with Julia Cannnon

at Mt. Shasta

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