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Quantum Guru & Healer 



You have arrived at a place of exploration and expansion. My name is MandaLynn. I am here to assist you on your Journey. We may revisit old places. Are there past experiences that seem to be coming up over and over? Questions that just don’t seem to have an answer? We can discover and explore these things. Help you find your way back to navigating your present situation with a more peaceful heart. We may discover strange and intriguing worlds. A place where you are able to heal and answer questions that make sense of everything. Where you become excited about the adventure of true self discovery. Or we may just stay at home and work on your inner world. This too is a place of mystery and excitement. Sometimes we carry the energy of a trauma that we can’t even remember. A safe place of love and non-judgement can help reveal and start the repair necessary. Or we have a gift that teases us with little taps on the shoulder. This emanates from deepest areas of your essence. Detecting and understanding patterns is difficult when you are so close, in it. Having an outside view sometimes brings the whole picture into focus. We are equipped with tools to address everything that we encounter. And someties those tools include the perspective and assistance of another. All work done here is a labor of love. There is no judgement and no blame. Finding a happier frequency IS possible. The goal is always to obtain the best version of you and your experience on your Divine Journey. I am here for you.

Services include:
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QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 

You can ask ANY question.  A safe, gentle, loving way to access your higher aspect (or subconscious).  

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Quantum Healing

Let the "magic" of quantum energy assist in physical or vibrational frequency.

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Energy Awareness and Management 

Discover grounding, meditation and more to explore your potential

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Extra Dimensional Reading

Is there information waiting for you in the higher dimensions.

Please reach out to schedule an appointment.  QHHT sessions must be done in person.   Other healing sessions can be done remotely.